Dorrit Hoffleit Video
(AAS presentation)

Dorrit Hoffleit Video (AAS presentation)

dorritgrad.gifToday I presented a video on perhaps the oldest living Ph.D. level female astromer in the world: Dr. E. Dorrit Hoffleit. At age 99, she was still brillent in mind and voice in this interview.

Download the video (109.8 Mb)

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AAS – The Many Ring Circus

This is a crazy wonderful place. Over and over, I’ve heard people say this is the super bowl of astronomy. I’m not so sure that is the truth. I feel more like this is the 3 (or 5 or 10) ring circus of astronomy. In every ring there is a new group doing their thing and playing to crowds. I sometimes feel that my attention is getting pulled in every direction as the biggest, the brightest, the shiniest, and the newest all juggle and flip to the music of the stars.

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Planetary Pocket Lint

In a universe filled with objects of beauty and power and general awe inspiring wonder I never expected to see dryer lint as a press conference prop.

Its always good to be surprised.

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E. Dorrit Hoffleit Historic Video

E. Dorrit Hoffleit Historic Video

I am working on a video project on E. Dorrit Hoeffleit, perhaps the oldest living female astronomer in the world. The American Association of Variable Star Observers has compiled some excellent historic footage of her from various events. Can you help identify where and when the clips are from, and who is in the clips?

View Movie “Dorrit Hoffleit: Images from the first 100 years”

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