Random Thought 4

Do not try to navigate by the stars while walking some place that moles live. Locate the direction. Locate the mole hole. Only walk after doing both.

We have moles. Lots of moles. And a bunch of trees blocking the southern horizon. Clearly a telescope pier on the roof is called for. When we redo the roof in the (fall?) we’ll add roof access. The roof is higher than all the trees 🙂

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  1. Jorge Schrauwen June 17, 2007 at 2:49 am #

    Ooh that reminds me of when I went for a walk into a field to get away from the street light…

    Unfortunately for me there where cows in that particular field, and there “left overs” are very unpleasant when your foot comes in contact with it.

    PS maybe you can get one of these for your roof:

    I’ve seen one (although it was a bit smaller) on a house in Swiss.

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