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Most Massive Star Ever Weighed

The only time astronomers can determine stellar or planetary masses with any certainty is when the stars or planets occur in systems that are aligned such that we can measure both their velocities using spectra, and we can observe the objects eclipsing one another. Today, a team of astronomers lead by Anthony Moffat (Universite de […]

Deja Press Release: More on Black Hole Spin

Last week at the AAS there was a press conference focused on how super massive black holes interact during galaxy mergers and why/how black holes aren’t ejected during mergers. That press conference highlighted the work of University of Maryland researchers lead by Chris Reynolds that took into careful account the spin of the black holes […]

Politics, Religion, Science and Tears

There are few concepts that can make advocates of the scientific method, astronomy and biology more twitchy than “Creationism.” In its strictest sense, creationism is the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their entirety by a supernatural deity or deities (typically God), whose existence is presupposed.* This definition is […]