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Republicans and Creationism

There is a story over on Cosmic Variance that is a most read for anyone planning to vote or to try and influence someone’s vote in the U.S. 2008 presidential elections. To quote Sean: “It was an embarrassing moment in the first Republican presidential debate when the participants were asked, “Does anyone not believe in […]

In search of Tidal Tails…

Okay, at this point it is old news, but, just to state the old news one more time for anyone who missed it – our galaxy has tidal tails. The first press release on tidal tails that I know of occurred at the 2001 San Diego meeting of the AAS, and was related to work […]

Countdown to Solar Maximum: Coronal Mass Ejections

Anyone living in the extreme Northern or Southern latitudes has at one point or another looked up at night and seen the sky awash in color. Called the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis respectively, these natural-light shows are a by-product of material from the Sun hitting our atmosphere. Thinking back, high latitude denizens may remember […]