Archive | July, 2007

Recycling Stardust (and Deep Impact too)

With the big Live Earth concerts planned for around the globe tomorrow, a lot of people are starting to think about recycling. In our quest for a low impact existence, a paperless office within walking distance of home and a diet of local foods seems like a fabulous recipe to reduce our individual carbon foot […]

Mars, ho!

It’s getting to be that time again: A Mars Launch window is approaching. If you play close attention to space exploration programs you may have noticed that we only fling things at Mars ever two or so years. In 2003, the year of the rovers, NASA launched Spirit and Opportunity and ESA launched Mars Express […]

In Search of the Moon

Tonight I decided to whiplash my brain. After a nice dinner with friends, my husband and I settled in to watch TV. In preparation for the holiday weekend, we rented some DVDs, including the turn of the century classic Fight Club. At the end of that violent, twisted, pre-9/11 movie, I decided to break my […]