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Summer Days, Drifting Away . . .

As an academic, I can be as bad as any school child when it comes to counting down the days until summer begins. The holidays of Easter & Passover always mark the final race toward finals, and with these spring celebrations I know a brief reprieve from scheduled days and grading is on the way. […]


1) Harry Potter is 759 pages 2) Jupiter & Venus are high(ish) and gorgeous(!) in the sky – That is a hint you should go out and look at them 3) Sagittarius is at its best. If you have never scanned it with binoculars on a clear summer night, you are missing a great chance […]

upgrade time

Okay, so I’m very tired of the failure of this version of WordPress to handle links in a semi-logical manner. And I recognize that the categories I have things filed under really aren’t useful. And, and, and… I have reached the point where I’m going to spend the next few days re-coding this site and […]