Archive | August, 2007

I’m a space experiment

I’m not sure how I so totally missed this mission. Today I was flipping through the pre-print server and came across a paper titled: Launch of the Space experiment PAMELA. This is a “we launched and are functioning” paper about a 2006 mission to measure cosmic rays. (mission homepage) My first thought was, wow, this […]

Building Galaxies

I just finished watching the Universe series episode on “Alien Galaxies.” I have to admit that their constant use of the word “Alien” forced me to look up the word alien in the dictionary (or at least on I have to admit that while it is legitimate to call galaxies alien, it’s probably a […]

In search of time

It is T-1 week to the beginning of classes. My syllabus are written (I’ll photocopy what needs photocopied tomorrow). I still need to set up websites, but I have a shell in place at least. I’m really frustrated that summer is over. I’m honestly a bit concerned that it is going to be hard for […]