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Pluto: Still Not a Planet

Last night was the conference banquet and after party. Many of us stayed up too late. Many of us looked at our conference program this morning in hopes that maybe something boring was going on that we wouldn’t mind sleeping through. All of us dragged ourselves out of bed and came to the 8:30am Sunday […]

Second Life Rocket Park

I have to admit that while I am normally an early and avid adopter of new technologies,  Second Life  has generally confused me. My avatar is ugly. I tend to wander lost. In a desperate attempt to become one of the cool techno kids who get this virtual world of sex, foxes, and text and […]

Teaching is not Telling – Ted G Slather

Currently I’m sitting in the opening session of the ASP’s Cosmos in the Classroom. This is a much smaller and younger conference than the AAPT meeting from earlier this week. Looking around this room of people with mostly non-gray hair, I see a lot of old friends, and looking through the program I see a […]