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Statistics and Sweepstakes

Today I was bad to myself and stopped by McDonald’s on the way into campus and got a soda and fries. (If I’m going to go to campus on a Saturday I feel ok being bad to myself). On the bag they handed me their was a code and a website and an invitation to […]

The Carnival Returns

I temporarily lost all track of day’s of the week, and thus of the Space Carnival. Well, today I caught up with the carnival and had a happy  time exploring the neat new articles. Hopefully, next week I’ll remember to submit my own adventure 🙂

Physics Exams as Germ Warfare?

This week all of my physics classes are taking their first exam. Today my two sections of  Science Foundations for elementary education majors had their exam and tomorrow my science and engineering students have their calculas-based have their first exam. My exams are decidedly evil – they are tough and the average student will need […]