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Carnival of Space

This weeks friendly neighborhood carnival is planting its tents over at Colony Worlds. Check it out and come back tomorrow, when hopefully I’ll be do a comments roll questions roundup (including info on buying Astronomy Cast pins).

Homework for people in cold climates

I heard the coolest thing today. One of my students, who wintered in North Dakota, reported than at temperatures below zero F, when you blow soap bubbles, they freeze and crumple. If you are some where cold, can you please go out with a little kids thing of soap bubbles and see what happens? The […]

The (Galaxy Zoo) Keepers of the Data

Last week I had a fabulous opportunity to sit down and talk with Galaxy Zookeepers Jordan Raddick and Chris Lintott. Here is the audio from our conversation – Enjoy! Star Stryder: An Interview with Zookeepers [Mp3 – 13.8 Mb] As you may have periodically read in this blog, I’m currently working on a project that […]