Archive | January, 2008

Post Conference Minutia

The crash after a conference is something that always surprises me. All of last week was a rush of meeting, greeting, blogging, talking, and planning a bright new scientific and new media future. In the company of colleagues like Fraser, Phil, Chris, Doug, and Lars, it is possible to imagine a world in which everyone […]

Cocktails and Gray Hairs Dancing

Better pictures will come later. Last night was the semi-official AAS after hours party. Held in Lance Armstrong’s SIX lounge on 4th street, the party promised good drinks, good times, and a chance to see your peers with their hair down. The party pretty much delivered, and thanks to the efforts of Gina, Jake, and […]

The International Year of Astronomy

The avid reader may have noticed my posting hasn’t be quite as fevered as powerhouse writers Phil Plait or Fraser Cain. This is because I’ve been plotting to take over the world, and sadly that takes time to plan. 2009 has been declared the International Year of Astronomy and has received the blessings of the […]