More politically inspired songs

This is not a discussion of politics. This is a discussion of the music and music videos inspired by politicians.

Just saw this in YouTube.

If you know of any other songs (we are sticking to the musical genre only!) about people actively running for president, forward and I will post.

(For those who don’t get it, this is a parody of the video below).


  1. Vagueofgodalming
    Feb 22, 2008

    Heh. This was adjacent in my RSS feed.

  2. Richard B. Drumm
    Feb 22, 2008

    That’s -HILARIOUS- !!!
    Scary, but hilarious. I’ll go breathe in a bag now…

  3. Colin J
    Feb 22, 2008

    Will the American voters get it? Pam, since you are now married to a Canuck, we’ll take you! Head on up! 🙂 I worry about the planet, and why would Mccain commit 10 000 years to a war when he’s pretty sure that the second coming is close. Although our current government is proving to be a carbon copy of the current US one. Sigh… what’s to be done?

  4. Ed
    Feb 22, 2008

    McCain is hardly the conservative type that has been running the country lately, and when it comes to war he knows it’s ugly side better than most people reading this. I was never for going to war, voiced my disagreement with it, but I think now that we’re in it it is a whole heck of a lot more complicated than just staying or going. Whether we stay or go, there are a lot of people that want to kill us. They wanted to kill us before we ever invaded, and they did.

  5. Ryan
    Feb 23, 2008

    Bomb Bomb Bomb
    Bomb Bomb Iran
    Bomb Iraaaaaan

    That was great.

  6. Ed
    Feb 23, 2008

    Let me add a question, does anyone know, seriously, what the positions of the top 3 candidates are in terms of science, it’s funding, and maybe space in particular? I think that subject is germane to the blog.

  7. John Parejko
    Feb 23, 2008

    Ed: this is about as close as you’ll get to an answer to that question. All the candidates apparently don’t consider AAAS, the largest science organization in the country, to be worth their time…

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