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Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: Two Parent Populations are better than One

When we look up with gamma-ray eyes (or use satellite’s like Swift above the atmosphere to watch the sky with gamma-ray sensitive detectors), many different things draw our attention. There is gamma-ray emission from pulsars, from quasars, from accretion disks around black holes. There are flickers from anti-matter – matter self-annihilation. There are many cool […]

Quick Share: Asteroid 2007 TU24 & SN2008A

Image is link from Dr. Richard Steinberg’s website at Drexel University. It is the combination of (I think) 52 two-second exposure images of asteroid 2007 TU24. Serendipitously caught in the image are NGC 634 and its most recent supernova, SN2008A. (The cross hairs in this image mark the Supernova). If you click on the image […]