Archive | March, 2008

Fluvial Mars – 1 many (this many take a while)

This subject is best described in one word: Pretty. Case in Point (from HiRISE): Scientifically, that one word explanation and picture, however, really don’t quite cut it. Nonetheless, the session started with a pretty picture show. I’m kind of frustrated because the best image that was shown wasn’t captioned and I can’t find it. I’ll […]

Completely Random & a Carnival

Want to read about something other than LPSC? Check out this weeks Space Carnival at Observations from Missy’s Window. My brain is full. I’m really not sure how I’ve taken as many notes this week as I have. If you ever need a crash course in Planetary Science, go to LPSC. I’ve learned more new […]

Lunar Magnetic Fields

This morning I’m sitting in a session titled, “Lunar geophysics.” A more accurate might have been, “Lunar Magnetic Fields.” So far the dominant theme has been trying to determine if the moon once had a nature magnetic field driven by a lunar dynamo, or if all magnetic fields fields found on the moon were induced […]