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Recovery, and Irrational Fears

To say it has been a long week would be an understatement. Last Sunday, jet lagged (very jet lagged) and happy, I landed at St Louis Lambert Airport, found where my husband had left the car on his way to California, and headed home to sleep. Monday morning was the technology rebellion, but by 3pm […]

What the [beep] is going on?

Yes, that was an Earthquake (5.4 Magnitude) Now the tornado sirens are going off. I am not going to go into the basement of my house after an Earthquake for many hours, however (there is a massive fault through here, and if it about to finish going, under my 100 year old house is not […]

What the [bleep] was that?!?!?

It’s 4:47am. Up until I couple moments ago, I was dead asleep. Then the bed started shaking. Normally this means the dog is scratching violently. The dog wasn’t scratching. I think (?!?!?) there was just a fairly long duration , fairly strong, Earthquake or a mine subsidence. I would call someone to make sure I’m […]