Sunday, Eta Aquarids and Opposing Moons

It is a warm, crisp and clear, spring evening. The stars are bright and Sirius cast an angry  glow in in the west as I walked home from a local pub with my husband. I live in a historic neighborhood filled with older homes and midwestern attempts at English gardens. Literally 1000s of plants are in bloom, and everything is breathtakingly beautiful. I only wish (to steal a phrase from a student) the trees would stop fornicating in my sinuses. I have hay fever. Bad hay fever. There aren’t enough over-the-counter drugs style hay fever. I will live, but it has been hard to write coherently about the stars while wishing only to find the perfect combination of wasabi and jalapeno to provide temporary relief. The world needs more wasabi peas. This weekend is a...

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Anniversary edition of the Carnival of Space

One year later, and still going strong the Carnival of Space plays an anniversary visit to its founding blog, Why Homeschool. Check it out here.

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