AAS Day 3: Press Conference at 9:30am

TV Show hosted by Ustream

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AAS Day 2: Google Sky, Google Earth, and the International Year of Astronomy

I have been trying to find the time to learn how to use Google Sky for astronomy outreach for the last year. My time is limited, and I have to admit that my early attempts were met with very ugly implementations, and I’ve been dieing to see what others are doing and (more importantly) to learn how they are doing it. Today, Google is sponsoring workshop in the IYA meeting-within-a-meeting at the AAS meeting. The first thing I learned is Google actually has folks assigned to nurture non-profits to help them plug in. http://www.google.com/educators/geo . They have help, tutorials, ideas and more pre-prepared to help us build our content into virtual worlds. Their latest and greatet includes: weather, sunlight skins, 3D Buildinsg/SketchUp, a Swoop feature that...

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AAS Day 2: Making Wishes come True

Earlier today I was giving a presentation on the IYA new media plans for next year. At one point, on behalf of the wonderful Adrienne Gauthier, I was talking about our plans (funding pending) for IYA in Second Life. After I said that “pending funding” sentence, Kris Koenig of Interstellar Studios raised his hand and said, “I’ll take care of it.” I was so confused by what he said that I looked at my overhead to see what I had written. He repeated himself and others in the audience clarified “He’s buying your team the IYA island,” and I, well, I had a giggly-thank you-“oh wow that’s wonderful” moment at the front of the room. I can now proudly state that 400 Years of the Telescope Partnership will be...

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AAS Day 2: Bring It On

Nancy Atkinson and I determined that yesterday we lived a life time. Press conferences, public talks, the exhibit hall, the oral sessions, the plenary sessions – It all swept over us and through our fingers as we blogged and recorded and brought to life everything that was around us. Our Ustreaming seems to be working (more or less) well. Today will be a rinse and repeat. Press Conferences here. TV Show hosted by Ustream New Media Round Table Broadcast powered by Ustream.TV Today I’m hoping to be able to write more and bring it to you here and at Astronomy Cast Live. Tonight, we’ll be meeting up with anyone who is interested at Kitchen K, starting at 7pm. We hope to see you...

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AAS Day 1: A moment of (not a) discovery

There was sudden burst of “OH WOW” in my heart when in this morning’s press conference Steve Maran announced that he had word that LIGO had discovered a gravitational wave from the crab nebulae. I honestly have always worried if LIGO, with its ground-based nature, could overcome the instabilities of a planet covered in people, and experiencing platechtonics. To work, it has to measure slight changes in the distance a laser beam travels that are only a few hairs in size over many kilometers (the beam bounces down and reflects back 2km or 4km arms). This is H-A-R-D! So when Steve made the announcement I WOOTed. But… If you read one of the many press releases, you’ll see that in reality, LIGO simply failed to detect a gravitational...

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