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Language of Virtual Communications

I’m coming to realize more and more than I live equally in virtual space and in real space. I collaborate with wonderful people spread around the world and I gab with them over Skype as we read one another’s blogs to see into one another’s worlds. Thursday, I even had a “Dang – these jeans […]

Post conference recovery

I had wonderful and brilliant (or at least existing) plans to spend part of my weekend writing a summary of everything that happened last week and getting you all the resources you’d need to follow-up on everything that was shared over on Astronomy Cast Live. Something I got into Friday had other plans, however, and […]

2008, The Year of the Potato

Up until a moment ago, my husband and I were laying in bed listening to the BBC. This all ended when they went into a story on the International Year of the Potato and he went into a laughing fit at the silliness of the Year of the Potato concept. (Image Credit: Ecuador, J-L.Gonterre) All […]