Archive | June, 2008

AAS Day 2: Bring It On

Nancy Atkinson and I determined that yesterday we lived a life time. Press conferences, public talks, the exhibit hall, the oral sessions, the plenary sessions – It all swept over us and through our fingers as we blogged and recorded and brought to life everything that was around us. Our Ustreaming seems to be working […]

AAS Day 1: A moment of (not a) discovery

There was sudden burst of “OH WOW” in my heart when in this morning’s press conference Steve Maran announced that he had word that LIGO had discovered a gravitational wave from the crab nebulae. I honestly have always worried if LIGO, with its ground-based nature, could overcome the instabilities of a planet covered in people, […]

GLAST Delayed

During a NASA Town Hall meeting at AAS Dr. Morse made mention of GLAST being pushed back from June 5th until the 6th or 7th due to issues with the Delta II rocket. I later confirmed with Dr. Jon Morse that GLAST is being pushed back until at least the 6th or 7th of June. […]