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Dragon*Con: Day 2

The PodSci panel just finished, and now Phil Plait is giving a talk based on his new book “Death from the Skies” (coming in October – it rocks, I read an pre-print). The room is utterly packed – people are lining the rows and James Randi is sitting in the front row taking it all […]

Dragon*Con: Day 1

OMG That is sufficient to describe the day I had. I just left the Podcaster’s party where I got to meet, greet, and unfortunately drink too much (again). I met Michael Shermer for the first time, and the Evil Genius, who was one of the first podcasters I listened to regularly. At one point the […]

Dragon*Con, Day 0

I’m debating posting my adventures to Astronomy Cast Live. I haven’t decided yet. What I have decided is it’s going to be a great convention. I get to spend 4 days talking sciene to science fiction, fantasy fiction and science geeks. This is a fun audience, and I get to talk on fun topics like […]