Archive | October, 2008

Black Holes Only Grow So Big

A few weeks ago there was a fairly cool paper on arXiv that suggested that supermassive black holes may only be able to grow so big. This triggered several Astronomy Cast listeners to write and basically say “Huh?” We addressed this a little bit in today’s questions show (real show to follow tomorrow or Wednesday […]

Soldiers in the Classroom

I think I might have mentioned on this blog a couple of times that one of the classes I  sometimes teach is physics for elementary  education majors. All told, I have probably interacted with 100 different education students across a couple different years. It’s not a lot, but we try and keep the class sizes […]

Loving what we do (& AHWOSG)

It’s odd how sometimes ideas will all come together  all at once.  I’ll see in a book, see on the television, and see even in my own notes the same thing resonating loudly. This has been one of those odd 48 hour periods of everything coming together all at once. While flying to Nebraska last […]