See you in the UK?

Things are flying into high gear. It is T-48 days and counting until New Year’s 2009 rings in the International Year of Astronomy. As we gear up for launch, many of us are beginning to flitter about the planet doing last minute face-to-face intense collaborations. I’m one of those people who get’s to fly and tomorrow I’m on my way via the UK to Munich for a week to work with Lars Lindberg Christensen and Lars Holm Nielsen on the Portal to the Universe. On my way home (again through the UK), I’ll be pausing a bit to take in the sites, including a pub in London. If you are in the UK (or plan to be), I cordially invite you to join me and my collaborator Chris Lintott at Mabel’s Tavern on Sunday November 23 from 2-5pm. And just a...

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Catching up: IYA and Building Tomorrow

This semester has been my busiest since, well, hmmmm…. I’ve never been this busy. It has been a mad and fantastic rush toward the International Year of Astronomy. In the past 4 months I’ve been part of numerous grants (we got 1 too!), numerous papers (two submitted and others in various stages of draft), lots of new media projects (Portal to the Universe with ESO, 365 Days of Astronomy lead by Michael Koppelman, and Second Astronomy lead by Adrienne Gauthier), and, oh yeah, I’m teaching and Astronomy Cast went to two shows per week. Eek! I am working with the most amazing group of people, and we are building several really great projects, but lately I’ve had to periodically let a few things slip between my fingers as I’ve tried...

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