Tomorrow in St Louis

Hi Everyone, Okay, I officially forfeit. The International Year of Astronomy pwnd me. I am her eager slave and I willingly sacrifice all my spare moments to helping her succeed. I am looking for time to blog. It will happen. Eventually. In the interium, if you are in the St Louis Area, I’ll be giving a talk at 7:15pm at the St Louis Science center. Details are here. Come?

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AAS Day 0: Non-Model Behavior in Dark Matter

I know I’ve been silent for a long time, but this week I hope to make up for my wayward ways and blog my brain out. This week is the 213th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Long Beach, California. I’m here along with many of my friends and colleagues from across Astronomy Cast, 365 Days of Astronomy, IYA, and Galaxy Zoo. Since we’re all new media, Fraser and I were able to twist arms to get help live casting the conference to the world (which happens to include you). Joining me in person are: Fraser Cain (our second time meeting in person!), Ian O’Niell, Michael Koppelmann, Chris Lintott, Georgia Bracey, Scott Miller, and Jordan Raddick. Nancy Atkinson is also helping us from afar. Together, we’re going to get you as...

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