Complete: 1 Semester

The semester is over. My grades are posted. My students have received their grades. I am 3 forms (paperwork will kill me) from starting my summer. And I plan to play a bit, write a lot, travel too much, and try and remember how to jump horses over itty bitty fences designed to restrain dachunds. w00t

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Raise a Wing to Hubble and the Servicing Team

If all goes well, next week a team of well trained astronauts will be working to refurbish the first of the Great Observatories. Astronomers all across the world will be holding their breath in anticipation of the word that all is A-OK and a first glimpse of the first downloaded images. In Tuscaloosa, AL, a few of these astronomers and members of the public will be waiting with BBQ baited breath. Dr. William Keel of the University of Alabama Department of Physics and Astronomy will be at the local Buffalo Wild Wings watching NASA TV on the big screens with colleagues and students. Together they’ll take in the EVAs and perhaps even raise a Wild Wing in salute of the astronauts achievements. While this idea started in Tuscaloosa, there is no reason for it to...

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