Tweeting from an Asteroid

Asteroid Mappers - Twitter LogoDisclaimer:  I am not the human behind the @AsteroidMappers feed. I have the password, but so does everyone else working on CosmoQuest, and I know that since AsteroidMappers launched Saturday, I’ve been way too busy to tweet from that account.

I haven’t tried to sort which (or which combo) or 3 possible people wrote these @AsteroidMappers tweets, and in a way I don’t want to know because that will erase the magic.

All I know is that if you aren’t following this account you may not have giggled as much as I did this morning.

Podcaster / Writer / Assistant Research Professor
Technically skilled, communications-focused astronomer with experience in research, university teaching, public outreach, and popular science writing. Possesses passion for teaching astronomy informally and formally, extensive observational astronomy experience, and more than a decade of experience planning and implementing outreach programs. Seeks to build a career promoting science to the public, amateur astronomers, students (K-PhD), and public policy makers through outreach, activity-based teaching, and popular writing, while evaluating the impact of these activities on participant knowledge and attitude.

Specialties: Big Data, Photometry, Pulsating Variable Stars, Science Writing, Public Speaking, Podcasting, Blogging, Web Design, Graphic Design, Mass Communications, Narration

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