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Reformatting Life

timeremaining.jpgThe end of another semester is upon us. As you may have noticed, this blog hasn’t exactly been updated for a few days. This was for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, my day job as a professor at SIUE had me buried in test writing, grading, and searching my office for any potentially lost assignments. As of noon today, all that is safely behind me and grades are submitted. The second reason for the lull in blogging was my choice to spend some time coding. You may have noticed that some advertisements have sprouted up on the right side of the screen, and there are now links for donations in the sidebar. These website changes were not-so-subtle hints that with the end of the semester, this blog and podcasting are going to become my new day job for a while.

Getting your Blog On

I found out via both The Astronomy Blog and Cosmic Variance that this is De-Lurker Week. Translation: If you’re listening, you are encouraged to say “hi” and wave from the comments section.

It’s a slow news week. It appears everything was saved up for the AAS meeting, and now the well of discoveries runs dry. Comet McNaught is the media wonder child of the moment, but from here in the way too cold mid-West, all I can say is “I see clouds.”

On a separate note, I was interviewed by Aaron Price of Slackapedia Galactica, and a former colleague from Slacker Astronomy. You can find the interview here.