Exo Solar Systems

Flying Metal Bits

Posted By on Jan 24, 2007

A quick fly through the nearby universe will show you, well, a whole lot of nothing. But, embedded in the nearest bits of that nothing are 8 spectacular planets, dozens of moons, and hundreds of random bits of rock and ice that, depending on where they orbit, fall into such categories as asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, and comets. Somewhat randomly distributed around (and sometimes on) these celestial objects are little bits of flying...

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Planetary Pocket Lint

Posted By on Jan 7, 2007

In a universe filled with objects of beauty and power and general awe inspiring wonder I never expected to see dryer lint as a press conference prop. Its always good to be surprised. In the first press conference of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle Washington, astronomer James Graham of the University of California Berkeley described fluff found around the star AU Microscopii. This tiny red dwarf star is a baby at...

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