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The Largest Planet, A Monster, A Frenzy, and the search for media alluring adjectives

After spending roughly a week away from my press feed, I found myself face to face with a lot of intriguingly titled press releases. One announces: “Astronomers Find Largest Exoplanet to Date,” and another teases “Monster Galaxy Pileup Sighted,” and yet a third promotes “BLACK HOLES IN FEEDING FRENZY” (Yes, the press officer yelled in […]

All the news you’ll see again: Solar Atmospheric Heating, Tidal Tails, and Crab Nebula Explosion Date

Here’s highlights of the news I’ll be talking about later: Scientists have (again) found new tidal streams of material around the galaxy from a previously unknown, now shredded galaxy Scientists have (again) found a new explanation of how the Sun heats its chromosphere Scientists have (again) dated the Crab Nebula explosion to 1054 AD New […]