Carnival of Space #31

It’s Thursday, so there’s a carnival. This week the portable entertainment has set up shop over at Out of the Cradle. Check out all the fair and have some fun. (If only they had cotten candy…)

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Carnival of Space

It’s a holiday extravaganza!  A Carnival of Space! All for your Thanksgiving weekend enjoyment! Ok, maybe its just a regular Carnival of Space, but it’s still pretty cool, and you can find it over on Phil’s Bad Astronomy Blog. Enjoy!

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Space Carnival

It is starting to reach that busy time of year when people can’t quite keep up with everything that needs to get done. If you, like me, are looking for ways to procrastinate on writing reports, preparing Halloween costumes, or preparing for a mid0term (writing it or studying for it), then I have the procrastination tool for you: a Space Carnival! It’s a small one this week, so you’ll be able to get back to more fruitful ways of procrastination (like cleaning your desk) quickly. A Babe in the Universe: The Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment (LLRE) told us that the Moon still has a liquid core, verified that Newton’s G is indeed constant, and provided one more test of General Relativity. LLRE also found a huge but little-known anomaly in the...

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New Computers and Returning Carnivals

I got a new laptop. I’m currently trying to transplant my brain onto it and the surgery is taking longer than expected (although, so far there seem to be no complications). The surprise I had planned for yesterday it currently sedated, but I expect the patient to start to get out of bed tomorrow. In the interim, there is a carnival <a href=””> here </a> that is worth playing at.

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Space Carnival #15

The traveling show has landed on my little blog for week 15. Please check out all the acts. A Babe in the Universe discusses how the private space industry has long believed that they can explore Space for less cost than NASA. This article discusses a plan that would service a lunar observatory and incidentally return people to the Moon. Advancednano discusses a trio of proposals for $500/kg or less launches to space in this post Ram accelerators are variations on big cannons and could be very cheap to develop. Magnetic ring launch is similar but more expensive for infrastructure but would be cheaper to operate. Plasma hypersonic is interesting, has a credible promoter but has secret core technologies. Alfa King Memories asks the question, is their life on Mars?...

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Carnival of Space #14

If it’s Thursday, there is a carnival. Check out the 14th Carnival of Space over on my Astronomy Cast co-host Fraser Cain’s . Enjoy the intellectual rides 🙂

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