No one can shoot a satellite down!

Posted By on Feb 20, 2008

Was the title provocative enough for you? For the past several days headlines all over the web have read “US to shoot down satellite.” Ok, first off, that satellite is on its way down no matter what. That would be the problem. It doesn’t actually need shot “down.” Second, after it gets nailed by whatever our government and military, in their wisdom, decide to fire at it, the satellite is going to...

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The latest episode of The Universe focused on our solar system’s hottest two planets: Mercury and Venus. In looking at each of these worlds, scientists are faced with Sun related issues no other planet has: we can never study these planets when they are high in the sky well after sunset (the ideal time to study any celestial object), and any space probe we send to them must be heat shielded in the extreme. While a quick look at...

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Panspermia is in the Air

Posted By on Jul 12, 2007

Tonight I watched the latest installment of The History Channel’s “The Universe.” The week’s episode focused on Spaceship Earth (which re airs Sunday night). This episode addressed many different aspects of the Earth’s formation, how it gained a moon, and how the Earth+Moon system was able to support the formation and evolution of life. Along the way, the touched on some of my favorite elements of Earth...

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The Universe: The Red Planet

Posted By on Jun 8, 2007

I just finished watching this week’s episode of “The Universe.” As its name, The Red Planet, implies, this episode focused on the forth planet from the Sun: Mars. It took a systematic journey through our understanding of Mars that included historical perspectives and modern space based explorations. One of the things it particularly emphasized (that I don’t think is generally talked about enough) is the...

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Death by a 1000 paper boxes

Posted By on May 21, 2007

It all started back in the 1890s. Catalogues came to farmers. Farmers sent their money. Good arrived in boxes. Those goods — everything from watches to carriages to entire houses in kits — came from Sears, Roebuck and Company. The goods were often things that couldn’t be bought locally at reasonable prices or with a reasonable selection and Sears et al was able to earn business by offering greater selection at lower...

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