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Panspermia is in the Air

Tonight I watched the latest installment of The History Channel’s “The Universe.” The week’s episode focused on Spaceship Earth (which re airs Sunday night). This episode addressed many different aspects of the Earth’s formation, how it gained a moon, and how the Earth+Moon system was able to support the formation and evolution of life. Along the way, the touched on some of my favorite elements of Earth science, specifically: how comets have carried water to Earth, the sharing of rocks (and possibly life) between planets, and global warming.

For some strange reason, the ideas of moving life around the solar system on rocks / comets / other random objects and alien life have been coming up a lot with me this week. First blogged on the probabilities of finding radio signals from aliens (hat tip to Fraser on that one), then Fraser and I talked with Swoopy about the new National Research Academies Report on things we need to think about in trying to find life on off of this world. And now… The Universe is jumping in and bringing up alien life as well.

And when talking about alien life in the solar system, I always thing about panspermia.