AAPT – Greensboro, NC

I’ll be giving a workshop and assisting in a panel discussion at the AAPT Greensboro meeting. Workshop Doing Real Science Projects with Small Telescopes Pamela L. Gay In this workshop participants will get resources on how they can get involved in real science using off-the-shelf telescopes to tour the skies. Divided into three parts, this workshop will overview current opportunities for professional-amateur-educational astronomy collaborations, and then go into the practical skills needed to do science through both visual observing and CCD observing. Participants will receive CD-ROMs containing practice activities, FAQs, and the basics on getting started. Particular emphasis will be given to variable star observing. Variable stars are part of the current...

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Cosmos in the Classroom 2007

I will be attending the ASP’s Cosmos in the Classroom 2007. Workshop Online Education and Intellectual Property Protection Pamela L. GayAs students and textbooks become more wired, instructors are responding by posting content online, providing digital homework, and podcasting classes. With so much intellectual content moving into public Internet spaces, it is increasingly important to consider ways to legally use and legally copyright, trademark and protect online content. In this two-part presentation, participants will look at copyright and trademark issues from the side of both the content user and the content creator. Specific emphasis will be given to the new areas of downloadable audio and video content, and creating families of related materials.In...

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EPO and a Changing World

I hope to be attending the ASP’s EPO and a Changing World conference in Chicago. My abstracts are in, and now all I need is funding. Proposed Workshop (Approval Pending) Your Face(book) and MySpace: Let’s hook up Pamela L. Gay and Thomas Foster (SIUE) In the public social network venues of MySpace and Facebook, individuals of all ages and nationalities look for like-minded online denizens with whom they can build relationships. Through social networking sites, it is possible for E/PO programs to bring together diverse individuals to laugh, learn, and socialize around pet projects and favorite topics. Astronomy is popular among these people, with over 5000 members of the MySpace community listing “astronomy” as an interest. By building...

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AAS – Honolulu, Hawaii

I’ll be there as a member of the press, and working with folks to organize the 2009 Year of Astronomy.

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The Big Bang and the Universe’s Big Future

From September 10-14, I’ll be working with the Davidson Institute’s Young Scholars program to put on an online colloquium titled, “The Big Bang and the Universe’s Big Future.” Abstract: Astronomers, on a CSI-style mission, have followed the clues to find the culprit behind the formation of the universe. Going by the alias, “Big Bang,” the perpetrator behind the highest energy event ever imagined left behind a series of clues about his identity. In this colloquium, students will study 3 lines of evidence that prove the Big Bang formed the universe. Based on their profile of the “Big Bang,” students will explore what the Universe’s ultimate fate may...

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Webcast for San Mateo AANC-Con

Details still being worked out. More to come! Check out the

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