Getting to LPSC

Posted By on Mar 9, 2008

Part of the reason I’m able to attend the LPSC meeting in Houston is its convenient location in time. Its mid-March date span landed exactly on my Spring Break. For some reason, however, this knowledge hadn’t triggered a flag in my brain to warn me that it is also spring break for probably 25% of the colleges and many K-12 schools in America. This has an amazing impact on flying. My last flights loading and unloading was...

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10 days of Space Science!

Posted By on Mar 8, 2008

This is going to be another crazy wonderful week on Astronomy Cast Live. Just like we covered the American Astronomical Society meeting last January, this week we will be covering BOTH the launch of STS-123 and the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, TX. Making this possible are: Scott Miller (A SIUE student I work with) who is spending his Spring Break in Florida for the launch, Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter who is spending...

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Austin: Day 0

Posted By on Jan 7, 2008

We’ve arrived. Mostly. Fraser and I are in the warm and overcast city of Austin, drinking in a bit of atmosphere and a whole lot of TexMex. Today is a day of planning, talking, and recording. In a little while we’ll be recording an Episode of Astronomy Cast while (gasp of shock and horror) actually sitting in the same room. We’ll be using the two channel pre amp and the two microphones you wonderful readers sent me....

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AAVSO: Day 1, post dinner blogging

Posted By on Nov 2, 2007

1 good dinner + 1 good martini + 1 calmed brain = ready to blog less panicy Dennis di Cicco is giving a talk on the history the building we are all sitting in. This is actually way more exciting than one might expect. Dennis is an editor at Sky & Telescope magazine, and S&T and the AAVSO have a very strangely interwoven history. Both orgs started at Harvard College Observatory. Both orgs had headquarters on Concord Ave...

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Totally Random

Posted By on Oct 30, 2007

Random 1: Tomorrow I fly out to Boston for a meeting of the American Association of Variable Star Observers. I’ll be their until mid day Sunday. If you want to get together, let me know. I may be planting myself at a pub on Sunday to work and chat. Random 2: There is an interview of yours truly over at Books and Ideas with Ginger Campbell, MD. Give it a listen 🙂 Random 3: I was traumatized by tricker-treaters tonight. Over 200...

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Posted By on Oct 14, 2007

I go to a lot of conferences. Some are good, some are bad, and most are just, well, a generic conference. In addition to the science content presented, I tend to judge conferences by three other criteria: Is it pleasant (are the hotel and conference center places I like being and within walking distance of things like good coffee), are we able to eat in a reasonable way (enough time and options), and is networking possible (are there...

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