An Amazing and Expanding Universe in Motion

From August 7-11, I’ll be working with the Davidson Institute’s Young Scholars program to put on an online colloquium titled, “An Amazing and Expanding Universe in Motion.”

Abstract: Looking for something entirely different? Take a tour through our ever changing universe that is (loosely) guided by Monty Python’s “The Galaxy” song. In this colloquium, students will explore the cosmic history of our planet, how we are evolving and revolving though space, and where we and our galaxy are headed in the future. Basic geometry and algebra will be used to understand the math a physics behind our planet’s position in time and space, and to understand why the numbers that apply to England don’t apply to Ecuador!

Not familiar with the song? Check out this rated [PG] google video.

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Childhood’s Shadow

Childhood’s Shadow

Life is one of those things that we can only control so much. It is a great fallacy of the media that anyone can become anything. It is a damaging lie to say that the experiences of childhood bear no reflection on the personality and potential of the adult. It isn’t nature or nurture, it is nature and nurturing each working together to define what we can and can’t become. In the end, we are each nothing more than a mixture of experiences and potentials combined in a pot of desire.

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Burn a Bit too Brightly

A friend once sent me the following quote from Pearl S. Buck.

“The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.”

This quote strongly resonated with me. It recognizes that in some individuals, emotions run too strong, and like the human orchid, we blossom with powerful beauty when kissed by the Sun, but die instantly in the slightest frost. This quote recognizes that to some of us, a kiss isn’t just a kiss, but rather it’s a promise that there will be a tomorrow. It recognizes that to some of us a raised voice is a violent slap. And it recognizes that some of us don’t know how to let go of the things that have captured our mind, heart and soul – no matter how small the obsession.

In discussing strong emotions with like-hearted souls, I learned that we’ve all realized that sometimes (usually?) we ruin things simply by emoting too strongly.

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