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Second Life Silliness

I’m just posting a quick post this evening as I try and recover from yesterdays chaos. As some of you read, I’ve been attempting to play in Second Life. After much help from Anthony Crider of Elon University, I don’t feel as lost or confused or ugly (that’s my avatar 🙂 ), but I still […]

Second Life Rocket Park

I have to admit that while I am normally an early and avid adopter of new technologies,  Second Life  has generally confused me. My avatar is ugly. I tend to wander lost. In a desperate attempt to become one of the cool techno kids who get this virtual world of sex, foxes, and text and […]

Up, Up and … Home

On January 13, 2005 I joined the American Airlines “AAdvantage” frequent flier program. The podcast I was part of, “Slacker Astronomy,” had taken off, and I had been invited to go to AAS in Washington DC and AAPT in Anchorage, Alaska to give talks 2 weeks apart. This was something I’d never really expected – I was […]