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This semester has been my busiest since, well, hmmmm…. I’ve never been this busy. It has been a mad and fantastic rush toward the International Year of Astronomy. In the past 4 months I’ve been part of numerous grants (we got 1 too!), numerous papers (two submitted and others in various stages of draft), lots of new media projects (Portal to the Universe with ESO, 365 Days of Astronomy lead by Michael Koppelman, and...

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Currently, I’m at SSU learning how teachers teach astronomy and physics concepts related to the types of high energy astrophysics that will be studied in by the recently launch GLAST telescope. I flew out so that I could teach these master teachers about teaching astronomy new media, but I have to admit that I’m picking up a bunch of content I can take back and use next time I teach science foundations for elementary...

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AAS New Media Resources

Posted By on Jun 10, 2008

I’d like to start this post by publicly saying I couldn’t be prouder of how well everyone did in the workshops and sessions on new media. From handling random technical messes to giving presentations to remotely, from ad libbing demos to answer questions to just wiring computers and manning cameras – they did it all, they did it well, and I think we took turns making one another laugh as we worked our collective...

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Language of Virtual Communications

Posted By on Jun 9, 2008

I’m coming to realize more and more than I live equally in virtual space and in real space. I collaborate with wonderful people spread around the world and I gab with them over Skype as we read one another’s blogs to see into one another’s worlds. Thursday, I even had a “Dang – these jeans don’t fit right” conversation with Adrienne, the IYA New Media Second Life lead about virtual jeans (I...

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AAS Day 2: Making Wishes come True

Posted By on Jun 3, 2008

Earlier today I was giving a presentation on the IYA new media plans for next year. At one point, on behalf of the wonderful Adrienne Gauthier, I was talking about our plans (funding pending) for IYA in Second Life. After I said that “pending funding” sentence, Kris Koenig of Interstellar Studios raised his hand and said, “I’ll take care of it.” I was so confused by what he said that I looked at my...

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