Returning to my Windows grad school roots

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows “I am Mac.” In all reality, I am a linux person who adores Adobe Creative Suites and lives by MS Excel. In grad school I had a Mac for graphics from my adviser, a Sparcstation for research (from my other adviser) and I owned a Fujitsu lifebook. It was a cluttered life that after the advent of OS X got translated into “I am Mac.” My original switch was the result of my laptop, then a VIAO, getting sick one too many times. My beloved VIAO with its x-windows emulator allowed me to login to a Solaris server somewhere else and do my astronomy work. I had virus protection and always surfed safe. Then I discovered there are viruses that will swim up closed ports. I got series of viruses that wiped my hard...

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Mac Touchpad versus PC User

The astronomy community is rich with Macintosh users. Many of us have them because they can be forced to play like a Linux/UNIX box and run all our astronomy software that was developed for Solaris or similar. Now the thing about Mac is they have super powerful touchpads that can do all sorts of scary stuff like scroll and zoom, right click and double click, etc all depending on how people have configured them. This leads to the fascinating realization that we can’t fluently use one another’s computers all the time. This gets even more interesting when you throw in the occasional international keyboard (I made Chris’s computer misbehave in fascinating ways the other day). Now, we the Mac users, know this is a “feature” of our...

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