Dragon*Con, Day 0

I’m debating posting my adventures to Astronomy Cast Live. I haven’t decided yet. What I have decided is it’s going to be a great convention. I get to spend 4 days talking sciene to science fiction, fantasy fiction and science geeks. This is a fun audience, and I get to talk on fun topics like the Big Bang and Citizen Science. For now though… It’s 1am Eastern and I’ve been up since 6am Central (and I believe my first sentence of the day, as I contemplated a telecon with Brits, was “Stupid Planetary Rotation”). I spent my evening hanging out with the Bad Astronomer and a bunch of Skeptics. It was fun, and I find it highly amusing that Skeptics are far more accepting of me than a group of Christains would be of Phil....

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Dragon*Con, T minus Two Days and Counting!

Dragon*Con is descending and I need to go pack so this will be brief. I get in late Thursday night and am looking forward to hanging with the Bad Astronomer and the Skepticallity crew. There will also be a table just for the International Year of Astronomy! Check us out over in the Marriot. Want to find me and talk astronomy, cosmology or anything else? Here’s how you can find me: Friday, 10:00am-1pm IYA Table in Marriot Friday, 7:00pm Forsythe room where I’ll talk about the Big Bang Friday, 8:30pm Dunwoody room where I’ll be judgeing the Star Wars prop contest Friday, 10:00pm Fayette/Newton room where I’ll talk about not getting scammed Saturday, 10:00am-11:30am IYA Table in Marriot Saturday, 11:30am Rockdale in a PodSci Panel Saturday,...

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