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Worst. Tech. Week. Ever.

Posted By on Sep 7, 2008

For every good weekend, there is an equally bad one. Last weekend rocked. This one, um, did not. Preface – My laptop is at the Apple Store being repaired. This means my computer with all my best toys is not available for use. For those who have been following my twitter whining, here is the full story. 1) Yesterday I noticed starstryder was no longer googlable (is that a word), and asked for ideas 2) The wonderful Stuart Lowe...

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Mac Touchpad versus PC User

Posted By on Jun 4, 2008

The astronomy community is rich with Macintosh users. Many of us have them because they can be forced to play like a Linux/UNIX box and run all our astronomy software that was developed for Solaris or similar. Now the thing about Mac is they have super powerful touchpads that can do all sorts of scary stuff like scroll and zoom, right click and double click, etc all depending on how people have configured them. This leads to the...

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