Random and Off Topic

First the Random: Today I did an interview with the undead. Specifically with Chuck and Kreg of Technorama, which, despite the rumors, is not actually dead. I’m not sure when the show will air, but I’ll let you know! May 31 I’ll be at AstroZone in St Louis, and I am planning to take live questions in person and over the internet via uStream There will be a New Media meet during the AAS/ASP conference June 1-5. If you are a podcaster and will be there, let me know so I can get you on the “Who you can meet?” announcement. If you are interested in coming, keep an ear out for more information! June 6, I will sleep a-l-l day. And now onto the off topic. When I started keeping this blog, my personal and for friends blog died. I only have...

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Getting your Blog On

I found out via both The Astronomy Blog and Cosmic Variance that this is De-Lurker Week. Translation: If you’re listening, you are encouraged to say “hi” and wave from the comments section.

It’s a slow news week. It appears everything was saved up for the AAS meeting, and now the well of discoveries runs dry. Comet McNaught is the media wonder child of the moment, but from here in the way too cold mid-West, all I can say is “I see clouds.”

On a separate note, I was interviewed by Aaron Price of Slackapedia Galactica, and a former colleague from Slacker Astronomy. You can find the interview here.

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