Loving what we do (& AHWOSG)

It’s odd how sometimes ideas will all come together  all at once.  I’ll see in a book, see on the television, and see even in my own notes the same thing resonating loudly. This has been one of those odd 48 hour periods of everything coming together all at once. While flying to Nebraska last night, I was reading a book  handed to me by a friend: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. It’s a beautiful book, and I have to admit it’s made me tear up in places. There are things I don’t like – the character John – but I know I’ll eventually read it again to find the  things I missed on this first read through.  There were things that caught my attention, and I dogeared the pages as I read and...

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Mythbusters give me reason to fear my water heater

I am a bit sad that our water heater video is getting more hits then my science talks, but… The Mythbusters have given me a new reason to keep watching the water heater: And as a reminder, here’s our Pilot Episode (related to my Husband’s...

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Citizen Plumbing (It’s not quite Galaxy Zoo)

If, like me, you are eagerly awaiting the launch of galaxy Zoo 2, but not quite sure what to do in interim, I invite you to participate in a new citizen plumbing project dedicated to determining when (and why) the flame in the video below keeps going out. FlexMonkeyPatch “Pilot Episode,” is a program to figure out why my husband and I can’t always take hot showers. For mysterious reasons, at completely random intervals, our water heater’s pilot light fails. This usually happens in the middle of the night. Sometimes we’ll be okay for weeks, sometimes it will go out 3 times in 1 day. We’ve had the plumber out several times, and he hasn’t a clue. Having gotten sick and tired of traipsing in PJs from the 2nd floor bathroom to...

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A Bit of Levity

In light of all my personal technical difficulties and the internets current cry of “The world is ending,” I decided that it was time for some levity. Way back when I was at Michigan State University I had a website on Physics and Astronomy humor that then migrated to U-Texas, and now I share the link with you. I am contemplating resurrecting that site here, but it requires a bit more content. Anyone have any good ones from the days of email forwards?

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Blue Collar Scientist, You’re still my Twitter Friend

I just logged into twitter through it’s actual website so I could edit who I was following. Scanning down the list of names I saw the friendly, sunglass wearing face of BlueCollarSci. My heart stopped for a moment. In real life BlueCollarSci was Jeff Medkeff, an astronomer (he called himself an amateur, I’d argue with him), a computer person, an EPO specialist, and a blogger (and more). I never met Jeff in person, but we commented to each other and followed one another’s tweets and blogs, and I’d come to respect him through these new media interactions. Last spring Jeff was diagnosed with cancer. I’d hoped to meet him before he died – we have a mutual friend who was going to bring us together. Sadly that didn’t get to...

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