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The Internet and Human Relations

The past 48 hours or so have been a mad adventure across the UK. From meeting with Astronomy Cast and Galaxy Zoo folks in London to recording Astronomy Cast and attending a dinner seminar in Oxford yesterday with Chris Lintott, everything I’ve done has been facilitated through the Internet. It seems that sometimes real life […]

A trip in pictures

I still have much coding to do, so this needs to be short. For now, I leave you with a photo gallery of my adventures in Garching (Where ESO and Max-Planck are located) and near the Rathaus in downtown Germany. I’ll write more when I get to the UK tomorrow night, and I hope to […]

Where (some of) the magic happens

I love random adventures, and currently I’m in the midst of one. Last Thursday I flew from St Louis to London where I spent a couple days recovering from jetlag somewhere that I (almost) speak the language, and then yesterday I flew on to Munich where I am now working with other International Year of […]