Posts made in December, 2007

Getting Ready for AAS

Posted By on Dec 19, 2007

It is just a few short weeks until the Astronomy Cast crew (that would be Fraser, Rebecca and I) as well as the Bad Astronomer (that would be Phil) all head down to Austin, Texas for this year’s winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It should be a great meeting. We have funds to livecast the conference. This means we’ll be doing a video walking tour of the exhibit hall, audio and video interviews, and lots...

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Of Bathrooms and Underware

Posted By on Dec 18, 2007

Ok, I have to admit that is a title I never thought I’d use, but it was a weird day. Somehow, bathrooms/toilet rooms, and underware just kept coming up as topics. For instance at lunch… We’d wandered onto a nauseating topic, so I mentioned, to distract things, that my husband and I spent the weekend tiling our bathroom (we’re still repairing from this*), and somehow this lead to much discussion involving Thomas...

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The holiday season is hard on everyone. There is the stress of trying to find the right gifts, trying to get the house ready for guests, trying to get finals graded, (trying to recover from the most malevolent case of the sniffles encountered in many years), and so many other stresses. It never surprises me to hear about breakups around the holidays, and NASA’s latest breakup news had plenty of foreshadowing. That’s right,...

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Posted By on Dec 14, 2007

While it started yesterday, it’s not too late to enjoy this week’s space carnival over at Universe Today.

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Finals Week

Posted By on Dec 11, 2007

It’s final week here. This means faculty are wondering around, hyped up on caffeine and glee that the semester is almost over while the giggle while writing exams and cry while grading them (okay, maybe that’s just me). Writing finals is almost a religious act. We all have our own personal philosophies on why finals should exist, how much they should be worth, and how to write them. There are places where finals are...

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