Getting Ready for AAS

It is just a few short weeks until the Astronomy Cast crew (that would be Fraser, Rebecca and I) as well as the Bad Astronomer (that would be Phil) all head down to Austin, Texas for this year’s winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

It should be a great meeting. We have funds to livecast the conference. This means we’ll be doing a video walking tour of the exhibit hall, audio and video interviews, and lots of live blogging all through out the meeting. Content will be getting fed to you through this site, Astronomy Cast, Universe Today, Bad Astronomy, and YouTube.

Phil, Fraser, and I will probably schedule a meetup time that I’ll post before Friday here and on Astronomy Cast. Would any of you be interested in seeing us in Austin if we promised to be somewhere at a given time?

In preparation for the meeting I spent to day with my and my student Brian’s respective noses to the grindstone on some research. It was good to wrap my head around numbers for a change, and I think we’re going to have some good methodologies to present. I wish we had about another month, but we don’t, so … well that’s where the grindstone comes in.

Also in preparation for the meeting, I’m working on tearing up the Astronomy Cast website. I’m trying to clean up the design, make the show index make sense, and I’ll be updating a lot of the non-show specific content (bios and such). If there is anything you’d like to see happen, now would be a good time to pipe up!

Tomorrow will be code code code. Wheeee….. Tis the season I guess 🙂


  1. Steve P.
    Dec 19, 2007

    I live in Austin, and it would be great to meet the crew+BA. I’m a grad student (in electrical engineering) at UT so will have a little bit of free time that week. Please keep us updated or feel free to send me an email if said meet-up takes form.

  2. Chris Lintott
    Dec 19, 2007

    I’ll be at the AAS meeting, and will happily buy a round. I think I owe Phil a pint already.

  3. Freiddie
    Dec 19, 2007

    Sorry, you and your… what? Paragraph 4, first sentence. Something’s missing there.
    I wish I could attend the meeting, but I’m just too far on the other side of the world.
    Great! Some re-decoration at last. I hope you remember that survey you did with Astronomy Cast – it should be a good guide for the redesign.

  4. Sven
    Dec 19, 2007

    Ah ha, this is why I haven’t seen you on LJ in ages; you’ve moved to your own domain! Unfortunately, I won’t be at this conference (nor am I likely to be in Texas anytime soon) but, if at all possible, I’d love to talk via phone, email, or IM and trade the most recent stories.

    If I don’t manage to talk to you sooner, Merry Christmas, and please, give my best to Kyle.

  5. John B. Sandlin
    Dec 19, 2007

    I can’t wait! I’d love to come meet the crew – long as you guys don’t mind an old gray headed dude…

    Ok, I can wait – but only just.


  6. Michael
    Dec 20, 2007

    I’m in DFW and would be more than willing to drive down to Austin to join in any Astronomy Cast Meet and Greet y’all might plan!

    It’s the least I can do since I missed my chance in Illinois.

  7. Helio Huet
    Dec 21, 2007

    Super! I sure would be delighted to meet y’all, assuming amateur heliochromologists are welcome? 🙂


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