Posts made in July, 2008

Currently, I’m at SSU learning how teachers teach astronomy and physics concepts related to the types of high energy astrophysics that will be studied in by the recently launch GLAST telescope. I flew out so that I could teach these master teachers about teaching astronomy new media, but I have to admit that I’m picking up a bunch of content I can take back and use next time I teach science foundations for elementary...

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Silly Experiment

Posted By on Jul 25, 2008

A few weeks ago in the middle of a meeting, Chris Lintott piped up, “One more line and you’ll have a haiku.” So, I responded “This isn’t that line,” which managed to have the required 5 syllables. For reasons that can only be explained with the much hated phrases “Just because..”, “I don’t know…” and “I thought it would be fun…” (remember using...

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Carnival of Space

Posted By on Jul 24, 2008

It Flies, it Sings, its the Flying Singer hosting this week’s Carnival of Space over on Music of the Spheres. Check it out.

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Unifying Concepts and Language

Posted By on Jul 21, 2008

Astronomy is filled with ideas that share too many different names. For instance, an Quasar is also a QSO is also an Active Galactic Nuclei. In our solar system, where we once had a bunch of specific objects, we now have terrestrial planets, gaseous planets, asteroids, and icy bodies (and 1 star too). As science starts to understand more and more about our universe, we’re finding that more and more of the things we used to break...

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Last Friday I looked at my calendar and had the terrifying realization that I had 3 days of freedom before I started a long series of trips that would culminate in the first day of classes. Then I realized it was July 18, not July 25, and that I actually had 1 week and 3 days. Let me just say eek. My summer has been fairly productive if I ignore how little I’ve blogged. Plans for the International Year of Astronomy are coming...

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