Carnival of Space #46

I really can’t believe we’re already on the 40s on this! This week’s carnival of space is over on Riding with Robots. Enjoy!

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Carnival of Space (with a British accent)

This week’s carnival jumps across the “pond” to Chris Lintott‘s self named blog. Check it out.

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Carnival 41!

It’s that time again. A GIANT carnival awaits you over on New Frontiers Blog. It may require more than one circuit to take it all in 🙂

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Carnival on an Orbiting Frog

I so totally love the name of the blog hosting this weeks Space Carnival: Orbiting Frog. Go ride the Frog around the carnival!

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Carnival of Space Noir

This Thursday’s carnival of space raised the bar on writing a Space Carnival post. I bow down before the whim of imagination that is this week Space Carnival over on Sorting out Science. Go read. Have fun.

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This is the last week of the semester, which means my students have sucked all the physical and emotional energy out of me (which is only fair – I’ll suck it back when I give them an exam later this week). I’m trying very hard not to get sick, and when I am done writing I’m going to seek the aid of Nitequil (the good stuff that you get behind the counter, not the silly new formulation). To keep you busy while I survive writing exams and dealing with panicky students, here are some links: An interview I did on Brains Matter is here [mp3]. There is a blog carnival like thing that includes some of my content and other stuff you may be interested in over at Sorting Out Science. Tomorrow I’m going to be writing about the perception of...

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