Space Carnival

Astronomy Twitter Users?

Posted By on Apr 20, 2009

So, I’m trying really hard to put together a list of twitter users who talk about astronomy on a regular basis. I’m doing this as part of a general report on New Media for the Decadal Survey. This is a list of everyone from folks who promote their local club, to people who actively share their favorite astronomy articles, to missions that update the public on their activities via twitter, to bloggers who use twitter to...

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A Morning of Phoenix

Posted By on Mar 23, 2009

(disclosure: I left my cellular internet dongle in my room, so I’m twittering sessions live and posting blog entries on a semi random basis when I can go out and find internet) I’m leaning against the back wall of a packed ballroom filled with the brim with silent and attentive geophysicists who are absorbing all they can about the Mars Phoenix Lander. This fairly large (5,5m or 18 ft long) and heavy (350kg or 770lb)...

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Of Heroes, Eclipses, and 2045

Posted By on Dec 9, 2008

SPOILER ALERT: I mention that there is an eclipse in the prior two episodes of Heroes and how they got the science wrong for 2008 by mentioning places on the planet heroes are located.  I won’t say who, just the where. Since I don’t consider the spoilers in this blog to be more then what you’d get watching previews on NBC, I’m now going to move on with life and blog. So… I watch Heroes. It gets stored...

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Dragon*Con: Day 3

Posted By on Sep 1, 2008

I seem to be spending a ton of time hanging out with Skeptics at this conference. It is fun. But before getting into the serious, I’m going to be silly (thus the image at left). I’ve been hanging out with (left to right) Richard Saunders and Phil Plait a lot, and here we are showing a little leg. Silly enough? (In general, this place is filled with people with truly killer shoes. We aren’t among those with awesome...

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