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What exactly makes someone culturally literate? What books should you read? What movies should you see? What about those things specific to Nerd or Geek Culture? What things does a person need to know to be able to make relevant quips at a cocktail party or to include appropriate quotes in conversations? What experiences are necessary to grok “grok” and comprehend the clichés of our counter-culture?

This question came up between my self and some other faculty here at SIUE as we tried to devise an evil plan to help a previously far too sheltered student (and a few profs) catch up on modern society. The result of our discussions has been given the humble name of “The List.”

This is a work in three parts: The Books, The Movies, and The TV shows. Please look them over and leave us your comments. Your feedback will add in the education of nerd novices the world (or at least the department) over.

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