An Apple World

Posted By Pamela on May 28, 2007 | 4 comments

appleworld.jpgShort message while I write longer content on this mornings first, galaxy rich, press conference.

This I walked into the press conference room and their was a giant, fresh from the press, printed Hubble Heritage image off to the side. Okay that’s cool.

What really caught my eye was the three scientists and their three Apple laptops.
And, at the back of the room, Apple affiliated folks (not sure, but I think Apple Employees) were recording the press conference to be podcast at some future date (will link when I know where to link to).

It’s an Apple world…

On a different note, there is a good crowd here. Last night I ran into Carolyn Collins Petersen (who mentioned me on her blog!) and Govert Schillings, two friends and extremely respectable science writers. Now we all have our noses to the keyboard. Look for lots of news to be coming in the coming hours.


  1. Sadly owning a Apple still gets you weird looks here and every body presumes your either a geek or rich kid.

    Good to see that its different there and that taking an Apple to a press conference is not a big deal.

  2. While the press room is primarily PCs, the majority of the scientists are toting Macs. It’s definately a 180 degree change from just 5 years ago. OS X openned the possibility of running UNIX software side by side with M$ software, and that is actually a good thing.

  3. im seeing more and more macs around also. And why does everyone think their so expensive? A new MacBook or iMac starts at only 1000.0 bucks. You get what u pay for.

  4. Exactly the reason I why I want a MBP for school next year.

    I can do all my surfing, chatting, … in OS X
    and my programming in Vista or XP (possibly using bootcamp and or paralles)

    I’m currently running Gentoo/Alt on the ibook and thats nice too for all the unix utils I use 🙂

    MBP = 3 computers in one ^^

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