Random Thought 4

Posted By Pamela on Jun 11, 2007 | 3 comments

If Blogging and Podcasting are New Media, does that mean there will one day be a Post-New Media form of media?

Do the have a name for what comes after Post-Modernism?


  1. It’s like asking what the universe is expanding into. There is no there there and there is no new here.

    Rather, the newness horizon is constantly receding into itself such that we are lucky enough to be spared the alarming prospect of Super-Post-Modernism or Post-New Media.

  2. We’ll change our minds, and the current thinking will be renamed? No. We called our current thinking modernism. We changed our thinking, and called the new stuff post modernism. There is no plan. But we can’t change the nomenclature since it’s too hard to fix up the dead trees.

    Post post modernism. And your great great great grandchildren will learn post post post modernism. You have to have children first (one, anyway).

    What will we call physics after the Standard Model? There will be one, right? I’d have called it the Weird Model – but it wasn’t up to me. I’m not rooting for Quantum Chromodynamics. The public won’t be able to pronounce it. They seem to grok strings…

    We’re engaged in time travel. We’re going to the future. Pack your toothbrush. It’s a one way trip.

  3. Why pack a toothbrush a towel is more essential 🙂

    But good point what we call modernism now well change to something else and something new will become modernism… maybe this will be called the digital age or something 😉

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