Astronomy and MySpace

Posted By Pamela on Jun 20, 2007 | 10 comments

One of the things I work to do is keep track of new communications trends. I don’t always succeed, and I have to say that Phil Plait and Fraser Cain often provide me tips to tech that I might find as fast on my own. MySpace is an old social network trend that has found a new popularity in old media (weee, that was a fun clause to write). I’ve been working with several others to create a MySpace page for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. In doing this, I’ve been noticing what a strong presence astronomy has. Each planet in our solar system has 1 or more profiles, and many observatories and telescopes have official pages. I find something extremely heart warming in the idea that people want planets as friends.

I wonder if people are as vocal in real life about their love of astronomy as they are in our virtual networks.

And I’d love it if you were my friend on MySpace… Hint Hint Hint 🙂


  1. You know it would actually help if you provided your myspace url 😉

  2. Indeed… link me and ye will be added quick-like.

  3. Also, some links to the planet profiles you mentioned would be awesome. Does Triton have a profile? I’d love to be Triton’s friend. Oooo, or the Crab Nebula. Now that’s someone to have in your top friends list.

  4. Thanks astrogeek, I already have her in my friend list I was just pointing out she didn’t provide hers for other potential friends :0

  5. Sometimes I’m a space case 🙂 I added a link to my MySpace profile! Sorry for inadvertantly making things difficult for you.

  6. Thats why we are here… to point out those forgetfulnesses/mistakes and to point them out so we can learn from them 🙂

  7. Pamela.

    Is the Myspace IYA2009 page the same one Raquel is the group leader of?

  8. It’s always a pleasure to see astronomy enthusiasts and professionals coming together not only for the advancement of science but also for a chance to welcome one another with open arms and experience the sky as one big group who share a common experience of the universe.

  9. Pamela,

    I absolutely love the Astronomy Cast show you and Frasier do. My partner and I catch each edition. As much as I love physics and cosmology, I was drawn more to the artistic side of things.

    I am a recording artist – singer songwriter/musician. We were recently signed to an indy label and then moved to the parent label -and things seem to be taking off for my band, Grayscale. We want to be the first to regularly infuse science topics into popular music. Our first album, “That Flawless Flashing Day”, that is avialable commercially on I-Tunes, Target, Amazon, Napster et al., has a song on it “Large” that was inspired by SETI. Our second album due out in March 2008 will have a song that addresses Pluto, titled: “Charon Prelude/Number Nine” and another called “We’re Getting Carried Away (The M Theory.)” Yeah, there are still plenty of love songs and other more earthly poetic musings.

    I just read Lisa Randall’s “Warped Passages” for the second time! Have you read that? Wow! (I wish my math ability was such that I could really understand it on the level I want to.)

    Anyway, hope you visit our MySpace page and wish to add us on as a friend – all we have are other music folks thus far – we kind of need some science friends, I think. We also have the official record company site at

    Keep up the great work with Frasier on the podcast! It is always worth the wait for each new episode. We are spreading the word to anyone with an science interest. Once we are in full operation with the official website, perhaps we can link our fans to whatever site you’d like.



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