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One of the things I work to do is keep track of new communications trends. I don’t always succeed, and I have to say that Phil Plait and Fraser Cain often provide me tips to tech that I might find as fast on my own. MySpace is an old social network trend that has found a new popularity in old media (weee, that was a fun clause to write). I’ve been working with several others to create a MySpace page for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. In doing this, I’ve been noticing what a strong presence astronomy has. Each planet in our solar system has 1 or more profiles, and many observatories and telescopes have official pages. I find something extremely heart warming in the idea that people want planets as friends.

I wonder if people are as vocal in real life about their love of astronomy as they are in our virtual networks.

And I’d love it if you were my friend on MySpace… Hint Hint Hint 🙂