Random Thought 5

Posted By Pamela on Jun 24, 2007 | 5 comments

I just looked over my podcast stats (a self hating act if there ever was one). My numbers have been slowly creeping up about 10 readers per week since I went daily at the beginning of May. It is sad, but it is encouraging. I see growth. It’s just slow. If you guys could plug my little blog whenever you see an entry that you like, I’d deeply appreciate it.

And tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled onslaught on science.


  1. Hi
    My humble opinion is that you should focus on the story and not the rating. Keep writing your personal views, and I’ll keep reading. :0)
    Kind regards

  2. You do a daily podcast?

    I have to agree with Kenneth; focus on the story and not the number of listeners.

    I’ll add that you should have another reason for doing the blog/podcast/whatever, other than getting some numbers up. I started my own blog for my own purposes; a way to keep a massive list of astronomy resources available wherever I log on from. The fact that from time to time one of my posts gets some attention is just gravy.

  3. I’ve linked to your site since you started it, and mention it every once in a while. in fact, I just started a new astronomy blog to address the lack of “astronomy news” in the local media, and put a link to you first thing.
    With my personal blog, I don’t have stats, so I don’t know how many people are reading it (if any), so I don’t know how good I am at getting the word out about your site, let alone anything else. 🙂
    But like astrogeek says, just concentrate on the quantity and quality of your posts, and hopefully people will tune in.

  4. I think that as readers who enjoy the work of others for free (I encourage the optional donation), we owe the publishers of this and other blogs to spread the word. It takes a lot of work to write, on a consistent basis, with this level of quality. The authors biggest reward is to know that people are listening.

    Plus, our society could use a bit more education in science, and this is a really easy and effective way of achieving that. We should tell everyone! 😉

    My .02!

  5. I don’t look at my stats. I also don’t promote my blog that much. I talk about life, and people find me with google. But i did give you a plug. And why not? The content is good.

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